Easton class will be held at 8133 Elliott Rd Suite 201 Easton, MD (2nd Floor)

Retest Fee:  $25



Date of Class                                                            Time of Class

May 7, 2022                                                                    9 am - 12 pm

To register for a Driver Improvement class please go under the contact us page or call 443-786-9095.  Applications are available on the Driver Improvement Application page if you want to have paperwork ready for when you come to class.


Saturday Classes are 9 AM to 12 PM 

*Arrive at 8:45 am to fill out paperwork and take care of payment. 

  Masks are optional.

See dates of classes below.


The course is a 3-hour program and the cost is $75 payable with

cash, money order, or credit card.

​Shane's Driving School, LLC

​Driver Improvement Program Schedule

Instructor:  Shane Dickinson or Dawn Dickinson

The updating of the participant's driving record is dependent on the provider transmitting the DIP completion information to the Administration within 24 hours of completing the program.  The Administration may not remove a suspension, or reinstate the participant's driving privilege, until the provider submits the program completion information updates to the participant's driving record.



On the day of class you need to bring:

*Government issued photo identification (driver's license,

government issued ID card, or passport)

*Letter of Assignment from the MVA stating that you were assigned to the Driver Improvement Program

*$75 payable with cash, money order, or credit card