All the information regarding scheduling appointments is for students who are currently or have previously taken the Driver's Education Program through Shane's Driving School, LLC and have not completed their Behind the Wheel Instruction.  ​If you lost your schedule2drive reference guide (given to you at Orientation) click on the image next to Schedule2Drive Reference Guide.  Remember you MUST have a VALID PERMIT and your BALANCE PAID IN FULL in order to schedule your behind the wheel appointments.  You will need to set up an account, so make sure you start with the Getting Started page.  Once we have verified your account, then you may schedule your driving appointments.  If you have any questions call 443-786-9095.

Schedule2Drive Reference Guide

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If you are enrolled in Shane's Driving School and need to drop out, then click on the image below for the refund form.

Refunds will be provided according to our policy as stated in our Rules and Regulations.

​Refund Form (click on the picture)